Chris Brown And Migos Involved In BET Awards Aftershow Drama (video)

The Rap group Migos seemed to have an eventful night at the 2017 BET Awards, the trio manage to perform, win an award and get involved with two different altercations with rapper turned media personality Joe Budden and singer Chris Brown.

Earlier we reported that Migos and Joe Budden were involved in a heated interview during the Awards pre-show. [Click Here if you missed it.]

Fast forward to the after party, reports started to surface claiming that Chris Brown and the rap trio were involved in some type of tension between their two crews. For those of you that may not know Chris’s ex Karrueche Tran have recently been granted a 5 year retraining order by the courts against Chris for his alleged stalker ways, in addition, she is now rumored to be dating Migo’s member Qauvo. With that being said we assume this is where the tension stems from.

According to TMZ.Com source, one of the members from Chris’s entourage pushed Quavo, causing one of Qauvo’s group members to help him which ultimately resulted in a punch being thrown. The report also states Chris did not partake in the alleged altercation, instead he proceeded to walk to his car, however, Migos and their crew met Chris in the parking lot which resulted in the below footage.

We hear the police showed up, but by the time they arrived the dust had settled.

We are happy to report no one was hurt or arrested.


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