10 Things We Learned From Bow Wow’s Breakfast Club Interview

Bow Wow recently announced he was done with radios interviews and he was making his interview with The Breakfast Club his last radio interview.

After watching the interview, we must say Bow did not hold back much in terms of clearing the air of all the controversial news he has been in lately.

The rapper/actor was very candid and answered all the questions that were thrown his way.

Here are some of the highlights we took from the interview:

  1. Bow claims he is one of the original members of ‘The Dogg Pound’
  2. Bow did not start writing his own raps until age 14
  3. Despite people in the industry stating they do not get paid from Cash Money CEO birdman, Bow claims he got all that was owed to him during his time he was signed.
  4. He does not have any problems with rapper Future (who is currently dating his child’s mother)
  5. Bow claims he has not communicated with his daughter’s mother- Joie Chavez in about two years, he calls his daughter phone directly or deal with Joie’s mother. (We guess he forgot they were on the first season of growing up hip hop together.. but okay..)
  6. Bow admits to cheating on the women in his past relationships
  7. He also confirmed the rumors that he was involved with singer Keyshia Cole
  8. Bow also insinuated that he slept with Kim Kardashian.
  9. Bows Current Girlfriend- Kiyomi Leslie, who happens to be a rapper will appear on next season of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta.
  10. Bow plans to drop a project on April 27th, which also happens to be his daughter’s birthday

Overall we think Bow handles himself good. Check out  the full interview below