Young Thug Nearly Arrested Hours Before The Grammys

Young Thug nearly made it to the Grammys after getting hand cuffed a few hours before he was to open the Grammy awards with Camilla Cabello.

Luckily for Young Thug, he was not arrested and he made the show on time. Police tells TMZ, Thug and his associates were lined up outside a McDonalds and, at one point, Thug had his hands over his heads, then police handcuffed him.

Sources says a guy that was in the vehicle not Young Thug, told police he was in possession of a registered firearm, but upon further inspection police found that the gun wasn’t registered in California, so the guy was arrested. Young Thug and his other associates were let go.

Young Thug ended up opening the Grammys with Camilla and they performed their hit song Havana. Also Thug won a Grammy for his back ground vocals on Childish Gambino’s ‘Thid is America’ which won Song of the Year.