5 Things We Learned From Episode 1 Of ‘T.I & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle’

Yesterday the highly anticipated series ‘T.I and Tiny Family And Friends Hustle’ premiered on Vh1.


With multiple storylines included in the show, there was a lot to unpack from the premier, so let’s get right into it:

1. T.I and Tiny have called off their divorce but are still living in seperated houses.

The show opens up with T.I and Tiny where they address the video that surfaced where T.I was caught on camera slapping a young ladies butt. T.I attempted to brush it under the rug by buying Tiny a new car stating he was caught flirting not cheating.

2. Reginae wants to drop out of college to pursue a career in acting.

As Toya sat down with her daughter to discuss her oldest daughter Reginae’s new rapper boyfriend, she finds out that Reginae is planning to quit college to start an acting career and although Toya is not happy with the decision, she wishes her daughter well.

3. Letoya and T.I used to date.

As we previously reported Letoya and TIP dated in the past. Tiny had a scene with Toya Wright where she shared the news and explained she had no problem with Letoya as the relationship was before Tiny and TIP got together.

4. Letoya reveals how she was fired from Destiny’s Child. 

Letoya sat down in a scene where she explained that her and Latavia received phone calls from management informing them they will not be in the girl group anymore which was surprising to all members. She did confirm all the original members of the group are still really good friends despite what people may think.

5. Shannon Brown was noticeably missing from the series premier.

Singer Monica brown was feature through out the show where she displayed her down to earth personality that we all have grown to love. However, her husband Shannon Brown was noticeably absent from all her scenes. We wonder if this has anything to do with the separation rumors? According to SandraRose.com the two have been split up for months.

We checked Mo’s social media account and couldn’t help but notice that she hasn’t posted a photo of her husband since the beginning of July. Which would make sense if the two have been seperated for months now.

Overall, the show is very good and we are here for it.. tell us what you all think of the new show.