5 Things We Learned From ‘Red Table Talk’ With Will Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith ‘Red Table Talk’ was highly anticipated especially once we found out that her husband Will Smith would be her first guest of the season to sit down with his wife, daughter, and mother-in-law.

Will and Jada have been what most would call relationship goals for over 21 years, however, the couple decided to sit down and speak candidly about the ups and downs of their relationship in which they have managed to keep private for the most part.

So let’s just get right in to it:

1. Will met his first wife Sheree Zampino while trying to pursue Jada on the set of ‘Different World’.

Will shares that he seen Jada while watching ‘Different World’ and wanted to get to know her. His castmate from ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ Alfonso Ribeiro agreed to introduce them. Alfonso and Will showed up to the set but things didn’t go as planned. Will never crossed paths with Jada, however he was introduced to Sheree and ended up getting married and having a son together.

2 Jada never wanted to get married or have a wedding Ceremony. 

Jada explains that she never wanted to get married and did not believe in marriage. She doesn’t agree with the idea of what a wife is suppose to be or do. She shared her mother made her have a big ceremony.

3. Will and Jada never used curse words towards one another during argument. 

Will explained that he witnessed his father beat his mother when he was younger so he didn’t want to raise his son in an environment that could get violent. The couple agreed to never curse or raise their voices at eachother.

4. During a 6 month period the Smiths were at the top of their game according to the public; Jada was starring in Hawthorne, Jayden and Will starring in Karate Kid and Willow having her hit song ‘Whip My Hair Back And Forth’ however this was the time when Jada was the most unhappy. 

Will recalled the six month period where his family where winning in terms of money and fame. However during this same timeframe Jada was at her lowest. Will shared that he remembers Jada crying for 45 days straight as a result of being unhappy in their marriage.

5. At age 40 Jada decided to stop pretending to be happy in the life that her husband was portraying to the world. 

Jada shared that she had an epiphany on her 40th birthday and decided to stop pretending that their marriage was perfect. Will confessed that he was so focused on not being the type of man his father was to his mother; that he wanted to have a perception of having the perfect family and being the perfect husband to the public.

Overall the episode was insightful. Episode 2 the couple will talk about the outcome of Jada no longer wanting to pretend. We anticipate that we will get more info on the status of the couple’s relationship at this time. As you may have read in the headlines, the two no longer refer to themselves as husband and wife but as life partners. Not to mention we have heard rumors that last few years that Will has a lady friend.

We guess we will have to wait until the next episode to see exactly how in depth the Smiths get.

Will you be tuning in?