Andrew ‘I’m Delivert’ Caldwell Retracts Statement about Kordell Stewert

Chile, now this here is some junk and some mess. Andrew Caldwell stopped by a local Atlanta radio station and dropped a shocking allegation that he and Kordell Stewert had relations. Just when the rumors about Kordell being on the down load were dyiing down, on October first, Andrew goes onto The Shake Up radio show and claim that he has had a “one time thing” with Kordell. In addition, he claims that Kordell has purchase expensive gifts for him. Now remind you, this is the same man who’s fame came from a church video that went viral, showing Andrew catching the holly ghost and yelling he is ‘delivert’ and cured of his homosexuality.  Check out video of the interview below (around the 15:00 mark)

Well I guess you can say that Andrew has been ‘delivert’ again chile, because he has went on air today to retract his statement, stating that he made the whole story up about Kordell and in fact he doesn’t personally know Kordell. According the, Andrew stated that a TV network encouraged him to make this story up for story line purposes for a reality show pilot.

Now there’s a couple of things that just don’t add up with this story. First and foremost why choose Kordell to spread the rumor about? Secondly, if this was a “one time thing” , how did he have everything that Porsha got. Lastly, why admit to the story being a lie, if the pilot is still in the works?

Something tells us that this is not the last we will hear about this.. we will keep you posted as the story develops.