Ben Simmons Accuses His Ex Tinashe Of Stalking Him

We recently reported that NBA Player Ben Simmons broke up with his singer boo Tinashe to be with Kendall Jenner ([Click here if you missed it] The ball player is now accusing the singer of stalking him and Kendall.

Last week Tinashe coincidently ended up at the same LA hotspot- Deliliah as Ben and Kendall. When TMZ caught her outside she stated that Ben was texting her while the two of them were inside.

A source tells TMZ.Com that Tinashe has been suspiciously popping up at the same places Ben and Kendall goes. Two incidents in particular would be the Deliliah and another LA hotspot – The Poppy. Ben is reportedly thinking of getting more security as an extra precaution. TMZ, also reports that Tinashe admitted to Ben that she lied about him texting her after he called to confront her after seeing the above video.

Something tells us this is not the last time we will be reporting on this…