Bet Shades Nicki Minaj and She Pulls Out Of Bet Experience

Nicki Minaj and her Young Money Camp cancels their Bet experience concert and appearances at the Bet Awards in June. Bet we’re among many spectators of last nights Grammys Awards and they decided to throw shade at the Queens Rapper.

Bet took to their verified twitter account and said “ Meanwhile, Nicki is being dragged by her lace front” after it was announce that Bronx Rapper Cardi B won a Grammy for Best Rap Album.

Nicki’s barbs let her know about Bet’s shady twitter post and Nicki did not hold back after she learned Bet shaded her.

Bet has since deleted the tweet but has not issued an apology or a statement about the tweet.

Story still developing.

*UPDATE: A Spokes person for Bet issues an apology to Nicki Minaj Via