Blac Chyna Credits Drake For Her Stardom

Blac Chyna recently sat down with ‘Daily Mail TV’ where she opened up about her past, present, and future. She explained she was famous before the Kardashians and credits Drake with making that possible.

During the interview, Chy explained she graduated high school in 2006, as she attended college she began to work as a dancer which afforded her the luxury of being able to take care of herself, her mom, and grandmother. She explained she would leave the club sometimes with $15K in one night.

She reflects on how she got discovered by Drake:

“I actually had a booking, I think it was Tennessee. With Pinky; which is like a porn star. So these guys introduced me to Drake. That when Drake put me in a song, and that when I started to do the music videos and magazines.”

Chyna explained she is busy with her company, and plan to do music in the future. She shares she would love to work with Drake in terms of collaborations.

Check out the interview clip below: