Black Ink Crew’s Sky And Ceaser Being Sued By Atlanta Landlord

Vh1’s Black Ink Crew stars Ceaser and Sky have been named in an Atlanta Landord’s lawsuit after filming inside the residents when they did not have permission to. 

According to, Hussein Abdelhadi is suing Sky real name Jakeita Days and her boss Ceaser Emanuel and Viacom claiming that Sky broke the lease by filming scenes inside the home.

Documents obtained by the media outlet includes argument from the landlord where he claims his rentals are for residential use only. He also claims that Sky was the only person allowed to stay there under the terms of the lease, however, she let Ceaser stay there as well which was shown on the show. If you tune into the show, you may recall a scene with Sky and Cease where she claims he has different women coming in and out of the home. The landlord is using this as his evidences, claiming he is haunted “by images of the property being used as a house of ill repute” after the show aired.

The homeowner claims that he planned on moving back into the property with his family but after the alleged events that took place there during Sky’s stay have made living there an unfit choice.

Sky or Cease have not made a statement regarding this matter.