Cardi B Opens Up About Her Career, Motherhood, Marriage, And Her NYFW Scuffle

Cardi B recently sat down with W Magazine where she discussed joggling her career, motherhood, her marriage and more. 

During the interview Cardi expresses how she feels the need to work extra hard to prove those that have doubted her wrong.

The rapper also opened up about her decision to move forward with her pregnancy with her baby girl Kulture. Cardi explained her label was convinced that her career would be over if she moved forward with her pregnancy. She added, she received advice from her husband offset who told her  ‘I don’t know how you don’t see it, but you so hot right now, nothing could get in your way. You just have to work hard and put out a poppin’ album. I think you should keep the baby.’

Cardi shared, she and Offset relationship is far from average. She admits that he was known for being a lady’s man and she is known for not putting up with men’s mess so there was a lot of doubt early on. However they really love eachother and they’re scared to loose eachother. Cardi also admits that internet trolls get to her from time to time stating “Every single day there’s rumors about me and my dude. And it almost drives me crazy, because I start to believe them. I don’t have no proof. I don’t have receipts. But I just got to know my man. We practically on the phone 24 hours a day. If I can’t find him, I’m going to find his friend. Somebody going to answer the phone. But I cannot be feeling insecure, to a point that I would drive my dude away, because these people want that to happen”

Cardi explained four weeks after she gave birth she was scheduled to start rehearsing to go on tour with Bruno Mars. She claims at that time her body was still recovering from the after affects of giving birth, causing her to have to remove herself from the tour.

Outside of Cardi not being physically up to par, she wanted to bond with her child, stating “I want her to know me.” She shares she and offset plans to raise Kulture in Atlanta where the couple currently reside.

The rapper obviously takes motherhood very seriously which is why was So offended by Nicki Minaj allegedly liking and unliking a tweet about her parenting that resulted in the infamous New York Fashion Week scuffle. Cardi explained “I love my daughter. I’m a good-ass fucking mom. So for somebody that don’t have a child to like that comment? So many people want to say that party wasn’t the time or the place, but I’m not going to catch another artist in the grocery store or down the block.”

Although, the fashion week incident may have caused some to look at Cardi negatively, she has managed to recover from it, the rapper have attended elite events, performed at a few shows in addition to having  her Fashion Nova line release this November.

We also hear that she may be going on tour in 2019.


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