Check Out New Details On Drake’s Alledged Baby With Sophie Brussaux (Pics Inside)

Earlier this year news broke that Drake had a child on the way with an ex porn star Sophie Brussaux. 

At the time Sophie claimed to have receipts stating that Drake was requesting her to get an abortion. To add more truth to the rumor, Sophie and Drake were photo’d having dinner out at a restaurant around the same time that she claimed to conceive the baby (January 20th or 21st of 2017). Drake’s camp never denied the possibility of Sophie’s baby being the rapper’s, in fact they released a statement that “if the child is indeed Drakes, he will take full responsibility.”

Fast forward to present time, here is what we know about the child:

  • The baby’s gender is a Boy

  • The baby’s name will be Adonis

  • Ironically he is set to be born in October which will make him O.V.O (October’s Very Own) by default.

  • The child will live in France as this is were Sophie currently resides.

It also does not hurt to mention that this last weekend; Drake showed off a Hermes kids room while filming a tour of a luxurious home. Could this be Drakes calculated way of Acknowledging that he has a child being born in 3 weeks?

We will keep you updated as the gossip continues.