Ciara And Future May Be Headed Back To Court

Ciara is taking future back to court, and this time it’s because she says he has been skipping out on his court ordered visits with his son Future. 

Tmz is reporting that Ciara blast Future in new court doctuments, claiming he’s skipping too many scheduled vistits, with their son who’s 3 years old now. Future has missed 37 visits, and when he does show up for his scheduled visits, he shows up late. Ciara alleges that when their son goes to Gerorgia, where his father lives, he is not with his dad he’s with his grandmother or great grandmother and she never gets to face time her son while he is away.

Future jr has health issues that gets worst from traveling back and fourth, she doesn’t blame Future but she says that’s why this scheduling has become an issue, and needs to change. Future jr gets exhausted from all the travel and has emotional break downs at school. Ciara is willing to go to mediation with Future, so they can make a better schedule for traveling and for the sake of their son’s health.

Whoa that’s some drama right there. We hope Future and Ciara can work it out for the sake of their son.