Drake,Tyga, and Nicki Minaj dragged into the Lil Wayne/Birdman drama

It looks like Tyga isn’t the only one over at Young Money who feels they are owed a check from the CEO of the Cash Money Records. According to TMZ.com new court documents have surfaced stating that Lil Wayne’s team have documentation from Tyga, Drakes, and Nicki Minaj teams stating they are still owed money from the parent company for expenses such as producer fees. Although the artist are signed to Young Money, Wayne’s claims the parent company has a responsibility to pay these expenses for his artist. In addition, the court documents state Cash Money agreed to give the Young Money CEO $100 Million dollar advance that he still have not received.

Birdman and the Cash Money team has a different take on the situation, claiming they have paid 20 Million for the Young Money advance in 2012, 12 Million for Wayne’s solo projects and $70 million in advancement for new artist, royalties, marketing and recording expenses for Young Money artist.

Cash Money reps also state in the Lawsuit that Wayne has not fulfilled is obligations in terms of his the number of albums he has delivered. According the them he has an agreement to make 21 albums over a 7 year time span and they have only received 13.

If there is an issue with the amount of albums that Wayne is suppose to deliver, why haven’t the Carter 5 been released yet? In addition, is Wayne under the impression that the 100 Million advancement was going to be in cash instead of the form that Cash money paid him in?

We don’t have the answer to those questions just yet but one thing is for sure we will keep you posted as the story unfolds.