Drake Opens Up About His Beef With Kanye, His Relationship With His Son’s Mother + More (Full Episode Inside)

Drizzy Drake recently made an appearance on Lebron James’s new HBO show ‘The Shop’ where he answered a few questions that we all have been asking.

During the conversation with his good friend Lebron and Maverick Carter in episode 2, Drake revealed his beef with Kanye. According to Drake, Kanye persuade him into previewing music from his album and revealing his released date (which was originally June 15th) only to turn around and use the information against him.

Drake explained, the plan was for Kanye to help with the album which was about 60% completed at the time. However, after being invited to Wyoming for a studio session; Drake ended up spending most of his time cooking up music for Ye. Drizzy admitted at the time this was not a problem because he was under the impression that Ye was dropping later in the year. He claims Ye gave him the beat to “lift yourself” which we all know as the ‘Poopy-di Scoop’ song.

Things begin to get tricky shortly after, once Ye announced the 7 track albums that were dropping on ‘Good Music’ and the dates where all surrounded around Drakes original June 15th date. Shortly after Ye drops the “lift yourself” snippet when he clearly gave the song to Drake for his album. This is the point Drake realizes “this guy’s trolling me”

Once the first album (which was Pusha T’s) 7 tracks dropped, it was apparent what was happening as Pusha sent a diss Drakes way.

“I sent him March 14th, showed him a picture of my son,..I tell him I’m having trouble with my son’s mother…

Then, the first album is released, which has a diss track towards me that you produced. And it’s talking about writing.. I was just there with you as friends helping you, and now you’re dissing me”

Drake also touched on his relationship with his sons mother where he admits they had the problems in the past but they are working on co parenting. Stating:

“ I do want to be able to explain to my son what happened… but… I don’t have any desire for him to not love his mother. I don’t want the world to be angry at his mother… We both are equally responsible… now I’m just excited to be a great father.”

Drake also confesses to which line hurt him the most in Pusha T’s ‘story of Adidon’ track; which was the line about his best friend and Producer 40’s health.

Drake stated Pusha will have to answer for that and someone is going to put the paws on him.

“Wishing death in my friend that has MS… I study rap battle for a living, now when you mention defenseless people who are sick, in the hospital, who have past away, that really sent me to a place where I believed them and I believe now, that there is a price you will have to pay for that. Like someone’s going to f*cking punch you in the f*cking face.”

Drake went on to say he did write a response to Pusha and Kanye, but after the research and information he was going to share he realized he didn’t want to be remembered for that so he decided not to put it out.

Check out the full episode below: