Evelyn Lozada Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Her Ex-Publicist

It looks like things are all bad between Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn Lozada and her ex publicist Danika Berry. Evelyn have recently filed a lawsuit against her ex publicist/good friend for defamation.

Evelyn is accusing her ex publicist of spreading lies and telling her cast mates in hopes that the rumors would be televised on Basketball Wives. If this is the case it looks like Danika plan may have worked. If you watched the previews from the current season of Basketball Wives, you may recall Evelyn’s arch nemesis Tami Roman accuse Ev of lying on her ex husband Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson in regards to their Domestic Violence incident which ultimately resulted in the two getting a divorce.

According to the blast.com, Evelyn filed suit earlier this week (May 31st) claiming that after falling out with Danika in December 2016 (which is caught on camera during Evelyn’s Living Lozada show) the two never worked together again. Ev claims since the falling out,  her ex publicist has defamed her to several people in the entertainment industry.

According to the media site, the court documents include an incident where Evelyn accused Danika of telling a reporter that Evelyn had an affair with a rap mogul while she was still married to Chad. Which she claims was published in February of this year. Evelyn also believes that Danika is Tami’s source who told her she was the aggressor in her domestic violence dispute with Chad.

Now the gag is; back in March 2013 Chad accused Ev of cheating on him with someone from YMCBM. This is around the same time when Evelyn came out with her book ‘Inner Circle’ which was published through Cash Money. (see the below tweets to jog your memory)

Could this be who Ev was talking about when she posted the below photo stating Jealousy will make people tell the worst lies about you?

Who jealous Ev 👀 #evelyn #bbwla #gossiptwins

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We reached out to Danika for a statement but have not heard anything at this time. We will keep you posted as this messiness unfolds.