Exclusive: Pittsburgh Steeler’s Antonio Brown’s Girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss Gets Put On Blast For Being An Unfit Parent

A few days ago Pittsburgh Steeler’s wide receiver Antonio Brown was just put on blast by his oldest children mother, today his long time Girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss is being put on blast for not taking care of her two kids she had before she got into a relationship with the NFL star.

According to our source, Chelsie left her son (8) and her daughter (6) with her parents after Antonio express that he did not want the children around. The source also shared that Chelsie and Antonio alledgedly refers to the two kids as “Cinderella’s kids” and alledgely don’t make attempts to call on their birthday. Her father has reached out to Antonio via email voicing his frustration of Chelsie leaving her kids, while living the good life with Antonio and their three children that they share together.

Antonio, has a total of 5 kids, (including the baby he and chelsie recently gave birth to this summer-Apollo) Judging off his social media, he acknowledge all his children, unfortunately we cannot say the same for Chelsie. We can confirm there is not one photo nor indication that Chelsie has a total of 5 kids of her own. Most photos reflect her three boys, Autonomy, Ali and Apollo.

Below is a portion of an (old) email that Chelsie’s father alledgly sent to Antonio threatening to get the police involved.

“So here is the deal. Something is a miss and Lynn and I are very concerned. If Lynn does not speak to Chelsie face to face sometime tomorrow, we are calling the police for a wellness check on her and the kids. Lynn will be on the road back to Chicago first thing Friday morning with the Cinderella children as you and Chelsie would categorize them. I am directing the police to your attention as Chelsie will not answer the door at your house. Lynn will drop off all the unpaid bills in the morning as trash company is going to collection, water and electrical soon follow. We will also file a small claim for the expenses Chelsie told us to incur on her behalf and will instruct the babysitter to do the same. I am going to suggest that neither of you are fit to raise Ali or Autonomy and your irresponsibility will be plenty of proof. I am very concerned and you have pushed us over the edge. It is not that hard for you two to take a little responsibility in your lives. it can’t all be fun and games. I will remind you when you met Chelsie you knew she had two children. you decided to build a relationship with her and they come as a package. You can’t just pick and choose what you want. Step up and be a man. You post all over the media how important family is and how responsible you are. Well i can burst that bubble in a heartbeat. it just takes one phone call. i would rather settle this like responsible people, but that is your choice. Antonio, i don’t hold a grudge but you two are pushing me to the limit. All Lynn and I need is direct communication so that we understand what is going on and what to expect. The lack of communication is mind boggling. what kind of person just ups and leaves their kids with a babysitter and doesn’t even communicate with them on their birthday. Again, last chance, Police will be called on Friday morning first thing. Not Sure what kind of legal issues might be involved, but at this point i do not care. Suffer the consequences.”

screenshots of the email below:

Chile this is some mess, hopefully they get it together for the kids sake.