Future May Have Lied About Paying Ciara $15K A Month In Child Support

Ciara and her attorney recently filed a response to her ex Future’s motion to dismiss her derferation & slander case she filed against him back in January 

The drama started when Future posted the below tweets on January 4th about ciara which included a tweet stating “the fuckery for 15k a month”. The tweets stemmed from the rapper being upset that his request to we his son baby Future was not aligning with Ciara’s schedule.


Ciara reportly asked Future to take the tweets down, which he denied. On Januray 21, Ciara filed the dever maroon ano slander suit against him.

See a portion of the recent deposition transcripts between Future and Ciara’s Attorney courtesy of SandraRose.com:

Ciara’s attorney (T. Mitchell Graham) started by questioning Future’s decision to delete one of the tweets but not all.

Mitchell Graham: Okay. What about the other three tweets?

Future: The other three tweets eventually got deleted. But at the time, I think they was left up.

Mitchell Graham: Why is that?

Futuee: I didn’t feel the need at the time to take them down.

Mitchell’s Graham: Why not? You weren’t aware that it was impacting Ms. Harris… negatively?

Future: My frustration wasn’t — it was all meant for Baby Wilburn. It wasn’t nothing to go against her. I never meant any harm towards her name.

The attorney then went on to question why Future falsely implied that he is paying $15K in child support

Mitchell Graham: All right. What — what did you mean specifically by the statement? What is the 15K a month, what is that?

Future: 15K a month is for the child support that she’s — uh, I felt like she wanted to request that I was, uh — she felt like she would be granted 15K or better — or more.

Mitchell Graham: All right. So the 15K is child support that you felt like she wanted?

Future: That she told me that she wanted.

Mitchell Graham: And how did she tell you that she wanted $15,000 per month?

Future: She, uh, told me face to face.

Mitchell Graham: Okay. And when was that?

Future: It was, uh — if I’m not mistaken, somewhere around, like, uh — probably like end of 2014 or at the beginning of 2015, somewhere around there.

A few weeks ago Future decided to drop his counter-suit against his ex hoping that she would return the favor however, Ciara and her attorney- Tanya Mitchell Graham-are not letting up.

It is also reported that the court has granted temporary visitation which allows Future to get his son twice a month until the custody case is resolved.