Gloria Govan Arrested For Child Endangerment

Former “Basketball Wives” reality star Gloria Govan allegedly arrested for Felony Child Endangerment. The story goes, Gloria arrived at the school of her twins (whom she shares custody with her ex husband Matt Barnes) five minutes before school was dismissed and had her boys get in her car to head over to her house. Well the problem with that was it was in fact her ex Husband Matt’s weekend with the boys.

Matt showed up to the school to pick his sons up but was surprised to see the kids getting into Gloria’s car. Matt confronted Gloria telling her it was his weekend, and then proceeded to tell the kids to get into his car which they did.

According to reports; Gloria flew into a rage, got into her car and started following Matt, screaming and cursing. Gloria then attempted to block Matt’s car all while the kids were inside, that’s when an innocent by stander called the police.

Gloria was arrested for violating a court order and child endangerment. Cops took Gloria into custody and let Matt leave with his kids after he showed them a copy of the custody agreement, that proved it was indeed his weekend with the kids.

Gloria has been released on a $100,000 bail.