Gossip Twins Exclusive: Meet MTV’s Hip Hop Hustler’s Tyler Royale and Jamilah Rouse

Recently, The Gossip Twins had the opportunity to link up with the Tyler Royale and her mother Jamilah Rouse of the new MTV reality show True Life Presents: Hip Hop Hustlers.

Hip Hop Hustlers is a new reality show based out of Atlanta. The show focuses on the trails and tribulations of five up and coming artist and their parents who are also their managers.

A Pilot of the show aired November 16th, fortunately, we had a chance to check it out and honestly, the show has potential to be a hit. Tyler, the youngest cast member brings some flava along with her mother Jamilah, who knows how to keep it classy but will not hesitate to get you together if necessary.

Here are some of the Highlights from the interview:

Tyler Royale- Which is her birth name by the way- is the youngest of the cast members. She is a singer, dancer and model. She is close with all the cast members however, she is the closest with cast mate Bliss.

Jamilah- A mom-ager, model, as well as a boutique owner, shares her thoughts on how it is balancing her relationship with her daughter Tyler while being her mother and manager.

Tyler- Also shares that she has been singing professionally since she was 10 years old, she had the opportunity to sing at the WNBA Game in Atlanta. She also shared with us who are musical inspirations are such as: Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, and Etta James to name a few.

Jamilah- shared her experience of filming the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 5, unfortunately, it did not work out and Porsha and Cordell Stewart were deemed a better fit for the show.

Tyler- Spill a little tea on her relationship with 50 cent son Marquise Jackson.

The ladies are in the process of starting up production again for the series which is set to officially air in the spring 2016. In the meantime Tyler will be working on her music so make sure y’all look out for that.

If you guys have not had a chance to check out the show, head over to MTV and get into the re-run of the pilot.

Check out the full interview below:

Photo Credit: AAB photography