Does Stevie J Have A Baby On The Way?

A woman by the name of Misha Perry claims to be pregnant by Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J. 

Now at this point we don’t know if this is a case of baby making or clout chasing, however Misha does have receipts that she and ‘The Good Guy’ have been together. (See below)

Misha posted the below sonogram with the caption:

“My beautiful bundle of joy Stevie blessed me with mommy loves you so much already , I’ll be here for you no matter what . It hurts so much that your father doesn’t even want to acknowledge you and it hurts me not because of me but because I don’t want you growing up being hurt by your father but just know mommy will always protect you . #babyjordan #leaveittostevie #steviej .”

According to the sonogram, Misha is in her first trimester. Once word got out that Misha was claiming to be Stevie’s newest baby mother, people doubted that she was telling the truth which resulted in her posting multiple post with Reciepts to prove her case. The reciepts included, DM’s between the two, text messages, pictures, and videos.

See the below slideshow and let us know what you think