Is the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef over??

Just when we thought the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef talk was dying down, Sauce Walka of the Austin Texas group Sauce Twins posted the below cover art to is instagram account, hinting that their is a Meek Mill collaboration titled “Winning” coming soon. Now for those not following this story from the beginning may not see this collaboration as a big deal just yet so let us report this Crazy time lines of events.

Ok, so lets get right into it, back on July 22nd of this year Meek felt some type of way when that Drake did not promote his new album “Dreams Worth More Than Nightmares” on his social media. Meek let his feeling get the best of him and turned to twitter to voice his frustration and also dropped a shocking allegation that Drake does not right his own lyrics.


Oh, but the rant didn’t stop there; Meek went on to name drop Drakes alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller. Soon after a reference track for Drakes song “10 Bands” featuring Quentin  Miller was leaked and the internet went crazy. Although Drakes creditability as “one of the best to ever do it” was being questioned; Drake did not panic, instead, he did what he is known for and went into the studio and dropped his first of two Meek Mill diss song titled “Charged Up”.

Charged up not being one of Drakes best pieces of work, Meek mill did not respond and continued touring the world with his girlfriend Nicki Minaj. As if the first diss wasn’t enough Drake dropped a second diss  a couple of days later titled”Back to Back”. This time Drake got it right in went in and let have on Meek Mills. Some of the punch included “Is that a world tour, or your girls tour” and “shot out to the boss B*%$hes wife’n N***as” just to name a few. A few days later Meek Mill dropped a diss track titled “Wanna Know” that some would say was an epic fail. Perhaps due to timing of waiting so long to drop and/or being on the road tour …maybe? At that Point it was safe to say that Drake was up 2-0 on Meek.

Now, I know that was alot but stay wit it… lets fast forward a little bit..

A photo of The Sauce Twinz and Meek in a Austin TX studio was shared via social media displaying,  what we assumed to be a recording session.


Last night Sauce Walka of the Austing Texas group Sauce Twinz, ruffled a couple of feathers by posting the below cover art to his instagram account.


The shade is in the details. For starters peep the team names; it is a known fact that Meek Mills is from the streets and Drake is not. Second check the score board, now I’m not sure about the accuracy of the 3-1 but hey I’m sure we will find out soon. Lastly and perhaps the dead give away would be the Owl. Drakes Brand OVO logo is an owl.

In clear Drake fashion, a video has surfaced show Drake switching up the lyric while performing “Truffle Butter” a song off Nicki Minaj Pink print album, getting the Austin, TX crowd pumped by rapping “Tell that Ni**a I ain’t hiding from him” letting it be know that he is ready for whatever might be coming his way.

Could this be round 3 of the Meek Mills vs. Drake beef or in the words of my grandmother is Meek a day late in a dollar short?

We don’t have the answer to that question right now, but one thing is for sure Gossip Twins will be all over it so check back for more on this story as it develops.