K Michelle Opens Up About Her Previous Relationship With Idris Elba “I was never hid. People just never assumed”

Singer/ Reality star K Michelle has been very vocal about some of the men she have dated in the industry specifically with Idris Elba, now the singer is getting into details regarding their past relationship.

K explained that the couples relationship was no secret stating:

“What you do not understand is everything he went trough, from the passing of his father all the way down, I was the one that was there. I was never hid. People just never assumed.”

K shared, that the two met at The Soul Train awards. She claims while passing each other backstage he admired her and stated how beautiful she was. she claims he was not on her radar and she was more interested in rapper Meek Mill, however, her security slid the actor K’s number and the rest was history.

She shared that she and Idris would have great times together, private and public. however, in the meantime in between time, the actor ended up with a baby on the way. Although he urged K to be patient and stick around for him while he figured things out, she realized she could not compete with a child, which ultimately ended the relationship which resulted in the creation of her hit album ‘Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart’ that she released in 2014.

The singer admitted that the whole album is about Idris. She claims she sent the album to Idris to take a listen before it was released and he approved advising it was art. She explained her beef with Idris is that he never stood up for her after the public dragged her for their relationship stating:

“He didn’t come out and say, ‘This is my friend. I know about this album. I know all of this’ So I feel like I’m not over that. I feel like you picked looking like a great guy over someone who had your back through everything

When you didn’t get nominated for Mandela… when you cried, everting, I had your back. And you didn’t have mine in the midst of everybody tweeting me and attacking me.. Calling me a liar. You just sat there and let them do it.”

The singer ended her thoughts by stating:

“So I wish him the best but to me, he showed that he wasn’t my friend”

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