Keyshia Ka’oir Admits To Having Kids During Her Interview With The Breakfast Club (Full Interview)

There has been talk of rapper Gucci Mane’s wife Keyshia Ka’oir having children for some time now, however, after the ‘so Icy’ couple let the public into their world as they televised their wedding, the speculations grew larger causing Keyshia to have to address them.

The day after ‘The Mane Event’ Keyshia took to her twitter to shut down rumors that she has 3 children living in Jamaica, however, apparently Keyshia chose her words wisely….She does not have kids in Jamaica however, she does in fact have children.

After the wedding aired on BET, reports came out that Keyshia’s kids were in the wedding however, they were not televised. As you can see in the below photo, Keyshia’s 2 daughters and her son were part of the wedding party.

Fast foward to this morning, Uncle Charla, DJ Envy And Angela Yee got to the bottom of it as Keyshia stopped by the Breakfast Club to clear up a few things.

Keyshia spoke on how she and Gucci met, what made her decide to hold him down while he was locked up and the infamous story of the rapper hiving her $2 million dollars to start up business and in return she brought back $6 million. Keyshia did admit to having kids (5:25 mark of the video) she claims she kept this information from the public to allow her children to have a normal life. She also spoke on the couple’s plans for the future and if she will be having more children.

Check out the full interview below: