LISTEN TO: Snippet Of Kanye West & T.I New Track ‘Ye vs The People’

Kanye West has had the internet in an uproar the last week regarding his love for President Donald Trump and his political views.

Kanye is scheduled to release new music soon and with that he is stirring up controversy as he went on his twitter rants which showed love for Trump and even called out our former president Obama for not doing much for his home town of Chicago.

These rants have caused the media to run stories claiming Kanye is not in a good place mentally which caused his wife Kim Kardashian’s to step in and address the headlines publicly. ( see Kim and Kanye tweets in the post below)

Kanye has also been seen rocking a “Make America Great Again” hat which was the slogan for Trumps campaign during his presidency run.

Kanye’s action has gotten some of our Hip Hop ambassadors in an uproar including rapper Snoop Dogg. Usually rapper T.I would speak out on these issues via social media, however he has taken a different approach this time around.

#kanyewest and #ti has a song together Ye vs The People #gossiptwins

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The king of the south announced via social media that he had a conversation with ye and he hope he was able to talk some sense into him. T.I then came back and shared the conversation was recorded as a song.

The song gives us a feel of Eminem and Dr Dre’s Guilty conscious.

Take a listen to a listen to the snippet below: