Matt Barnes and Anansa Sims are expecting a baby together

Matt Barnes retired nba player  and Anansa Sims whom is the daughter of  Model Beverly Johnson are expecting a child together.

We don’t have specific details regarding Matt’s and Anansa relationship, but from what we gathered by checking Anansa Instagram page,  her and Matt have been dating a while and seem to be serious because Matt introduced Anansa to his two twin sons with his ex wife Gloria Govan.

Matt had a end of the summer pool party for his kids and Anansa kids from a previous relationship, were at Matt’s house hanging out like a happy couple. She was even in attendece to a recent charity event Matt hosted.

Not only is Matt and Anansa a couple they are expecting their first child together. They even have a baby registry at BuyBuyBaby.

Matt nor Anansa has yet to confirmed the news of the couple having their first child together so for now we will say alleged.

Check out these receipts we gathered below.


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