Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher get into fight over Gloria Govan

It looks like Matt Barnes took a page out the “Petty Betty” book and allegedly drove 95 miles to put hands and feet on the New York Knicks Head Coach Derek Fisher.

According to the New York post Matt Barnes caught wind from his six-year old twin sons that Fisher was staying over at the house that he once shared with his estrange wife Gloria Govan, formally of Basketball wives L.A. Although Matt and Gloria haven’t been together for some time now, Matt still manage to get into his feelings and decided to drive over to the house he once called home and confront his former team mate.


Gloria and Fisher who have allegedly been dating for a couple of months, were out in the backyard entertaining some guest when Matt came to crash the party. Now we all know there are 3 sides to this story, Matt side, Fisher side and the truth. According to team Matt, Fisher got whooped from the backyard to the front room and somewhere in the meantime in between time, Gloria was spit on. Team Fisher, states that yes Matt did come after him, but it wasn’t as serious as Matt has portrayed it to be . In addition, Fisher people say he came out with a couple of scratches from the scuffle.

Now is it us, or was Matt recently claiming to be dating Rihanna? If so, what is the big deal about Gloria Moving on? Is it because Matt and Fisher share the same profession? Do you think that Gloria is wrong, or do you think Matt has double standards?

Now we may not have the answers to the above question nor do we know exactly what happened, but the internet has came up with their own conclusions, and with conclusions comes the hilarious Memes. Check out a couple below for some laughs.


Gloria’s sister Laura Govan’s ex fiancé Gilbert Arenas even posted his Two- Cents. See the below video.