Meek Mills Lawyer Speaks On His Recent Arrest, States The Judge Crossed The Line Of Professionlism (Full Audio)

As we previously reported, Meek Mill was sentenced and taken into custody to start a 2-4 year bid due to violating his probation¬†[click here if you missed that] The rappers attorney Joe Tacopina called into Angie Martinez show to give an update on Meek and their plan to get him released sooner than 2 year.¬†Tacopina called in and voiced his frustration for how Meek’s case was handled. The attorney believe that the judge has a personal vendetta against Meek claiming that the Judge and Meek are from the same area in Philly.

The attorney claims that the Judge once approached Meek and asked him to leave his management company ‘Roc Nation’ and sign with her friends management company. Tacopina also claims that the judge suggested that Meek re-make the Boyz-II-Men song ‘Down on bended knees’ and shout her out by name in the song Tacopina Claims Meeks Ex rapper Nicki Minaj was present for this inappropriate conversation as well.

The attorney went on to say that the judge wrote in he report that Meek went to rehab in Atlanta without permission, but the defense argues that the Judge was aware and they have the emails to prove it.

Tacopina stated that he will take all necessary action to appeal the sentence and get Meek out as soon as possible. he shared that his team are already working on a motion to get Meek released while they work on the appeal.

Listen to the full audio below:

We hope everything works out for Meek, we will keep you posted on how this plays out.