Meet the Westbrooks

Who said social media followers and likes couldn’t turn into dollar signs? This group of sisters are here to prove that statement wrong. You may ask who are they? Click the continue button to find out.

The Westbrook sisters are five beauties, Brooke, Morgan, Bree, Crystal, and India (names listed in order of age) from California. Their father owns his own blunt wrap company Royal Blunts, in addition to a landscape company. The girls went on to make a name for themselves and have now become one of the most famous family on social media.

The breakout star and the most popular sister of the 5 ladies would be India better known as India Love. India’s fame started when she created a modeling profile account of herself on Tumblr. Her profile became one of the most popular profiles on the app. It has been reported that India’s page has been hacked often and pictures have been stolen for “catfishing” purposes. In addition to the social media fame, India has recently been linked and photograph numerous time with the rapper Game. It has been reported that the India and Game were “getting it in” for everyone to see while enjoying a picnic in the park.

Although the other Westbrook sister’s may not be as popular as India they too have somethings going on. Brooke and Bree are mothers. Morgan, known for her tattoos and owning her own tanning salon. And Crytal who is also known for her modeling.

As a good sister would do, India is using her fame to show the world her interaction and daily lives with her sisters on a new BET Reality show titled “The Westbrooks”.


The sisters took their fame for what it was and decided to start filming a reality show. The family filmed and produced a couple of episodes for YouTube. Soon after BET decided to pick them up.

The show is set to air October 14, 2015. Will y’all be tuning in?