Nicki Minaj And Quavo Make Up (Video)

In a recent interview, Nicki Minaj spoke about the behind the scene drama Surrounding the Migos song Motorsports featuring herself and Cardi-B [Click Here if you missed that]In the interview Nicki revealed that she reached out to Qauvo of The Migo’s to back up story and let the public know that Nicki was telling the truth about Qauvo being the only person on the song when he original presented it to her and she had no problem with Nicki being on the song. However to her surprise Qauvo shut her down, stating he would back her if she was his girlfriend, adding he will address it in an interview when it comes up but he will not be going on social media to clear her name.

After the interview Nicki’s fans spammed Qauvo’s comment section on social media in defense of their fav.

In the meantime in between time Nicki and Qauvo have made a mends and everything seems to be all good after the rapper posted the below video of the two of them in her studio.

Glad to see everything koo with #nickiminaj and #quavo #gossiptwins

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The rapper also went on twitter to call her Barbz off  as she responded to a fan tweet that they were going back into hiding knowing that the two rappers are on good terms (see below)


“He apologized. Yall can stop torturing him now. The gengerous Queen Forgives. When he told me what yall were doing in them comments I fell TF out. Love you guys tho. For LIFE.”

If you follow our Instagram you will also see Nicki and Quavo attend Coachella together.