Nicki Minaj Clears Up Speculations That Her Verse On ‘No Flag’ Is About Cardi B (Lyrics Inside)

A new Nicki Minaj verse have been released which has everyone talking and speculating that she is taking shots at Cardi B. 

For the last few months there has been conversations and debates on rather female rappers Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are taking shots at eachother subliminally.

Here is a little backstory for those who may have missed it:

Cardi B has went on record in the past stating that female rappers where doing things behind the scenes to stop her success when she first came out. Now although Cardi never stated any names, considering there is only but a handful of  ‘active’ female rappers most assumed that she was either speaking of Nicki Minaj or Remy Ma. However, once Remy brought Cardi out on stage at this year’s summer jam, fans determined Cardi had to be speaking of Nicki.

Fast foward to Cardi getting signed go Atlantic records and the success of Bodak Yellow, Cardi has been doing shows and making club appearances while everyone in attendance raps the lyrics to hit her song.

Nicki has posted footage of Cardi vibing to her verse on ‘Rake It Up’ which resulted in Cardi commenting on the post and showing love. Everything was all good until a few hours later, Cardi posted a cryptic post stating:

” I’m Ghetto, not dumb. I peep the plots….remember who raised me the streets”

The post stirred up conversation and Cardi then came back and posted:

“Lmao Motherf*ckers are trying to put 2 and 2 together and getting 17. See why people gotta mind their business”

A few days later, Cardi goes on stage at her show and speaks about a girl who she knew didn’t like her but ever since she became successful the girl wants to be her friend. Everyone assumed she was speaking of Nicki.

Shortly after, Nicki shut down the speculated beef down by tweeting the below claiming people were reaching.

Fast foward to yesterday, London on the Track released a new track called ‘No Flag’ featuring 21 Savage, Off set (Cardi B’s boyfriend) and Nicki Minaj, which stirred the pot again between Nicki and Cardi.

Peep the lyrics below:

Lil’ b***h I heard these labels tryna make another me

Everything you getting little hoe is cause of me
I heard I’m stopping bags, word to Shaggy it wasn’t me
These b*****s is my sons, but they daddy ain’t bust in me
I’m a white picket fence b***h, you a on the bench b***h
See me in the gym now this b*****s wanna go bench press
I ain’t f*****g with you sis, we ain’t with the incest
Yes, I am the Queen, I’m still trying to find the princess
They know my name ring bells so they still press
Say the Queen name you can get some ill press
That went right over your head, you should feel blessed
Must’ve used a lot of starch cause they still pressed
B*****s is finito, I call my car Rico
Cause it’s Paid In Full, baby my car don’t get repo’d
London got that heat though, my jet land at Heathrow
If I had a d**k, I would make all you b*****s deep throat

After the record was released, Nicki responded to a fan stating that this verse is not about Cardi and she wrote it a couple of months ago. (see below)

Now we love both ladies and hope there is no beef, but we must ask… Who do you think Nicki is talking about in this verse? In addition, when Cardi said referred to a girl that wanted to be friends with her since her success, was she talking about someone in particular or was she just putting on a good show for her fans?