Nicki Minaj Drops Two New Singles “Chun-Li & “Barbie Tings”

Nicki Minaj have been keeping a low key for 2018 as she took a hiatus from social media. It looks like she is back and this time with new music.Nicki posted the cover art to her two singles “Chung-Li” and “Barbie Tings” (see below) Shortly after snippets of the tracks released. One could argue Nicki is clearly taking shots at someone.

In one track Nicki raps:

” I ain’t never played a Hoe position, I ain’t never have to strip to get the pole position”

Most casual fans thinks she is taking shots at Cardi B, as we all know Cardi B was a stripper before she entered the rap game, however, some of the Barbz are claiming that the diss, is towards rapper Eve. If you recall, Eve had a lot to say about Nicki’s ‘Paper Magazine’ cover last year during her appearance on the day time talk show ‘The Real’, not to mention, Eve was a stripper as well.

At this point, we are unsure who this bar is directed towards, however, we can confirm it is not a part or either of the below song that were released.

Check out the full video for Chun-Li below:

Nicki also released a second track titled Barbie Tings

In Barbie Tings Nicki raps:

” I cut all my ni**as off, but they would still wife me, Rap b*tches tell they team ” Make ’em like Barbie” Had to come off IG so they can’t stalk me all they do is copy looks, steal music too .. want to see what the b*tches do when they lost the blue-print, I mean the pink-print, ho, let it sink in”

See teaser of Barbie Tings video below: