Nicki Minaj’s Mother Carol Maraj Clears Up Rumors Of Her Son Jelani Being Attacked In Jail

The Gossip Twins recently reported a video of what was said to be Nicki Minaj older brother Jelani Maraj getting beat up in jail. [Click here if you missed it]Rumors started after a facebook account uploaded the footage with the caption stating that the man catching the beating was Nicki Minaj brother Jelani. Due to the video being recorded from so far away, it was difficult to confirm if in fact it was Nicki’s brother.

Well according to Nicki and Jelani’s mother the footage is a “hoax”. She took to her social media to clear the air about the footage being linked to her son. stating:

Hi guys, this is a big hoax. I just saw my son. Don’t let this waste your energy anymore. Be Blessed.

See below:

Welp, I guess that clears up that mystery.