Oops! He Cheated AGAIN

Tristan Thompson has once again has been caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian. But this time he allegedly cheated on Khloe, with Jordyn Woods. Who is the best friend to Kylie Jenner, Khloe’s younger sister.

The story goes Tristan was spotted at a party getting real cozy and touchy feely with Jordyn, at a house party that Tristan threw. It’s been reported that Jordyn stayed parting with Tristan till 7am in the morning.

Khloe is aware that Tristan was with Jordyn all night partying and acting as if their a couple. Khloe has been posting a lot of cryptic messages on her instagram story’s so every one new that there was trouble in paradise just not to this exstant.

Kylie hasn’t made a comment about this cheating scandal with her best friend yet, but Tristan did post and delete “Fake News” when news first broke.

This is messy even for Tritan. Khloe just can’t catch a break dealing with him.

Story still developing.