Pheadra Parks Headed Back To Real Housewives Of Atlanta?

Are we here for Pheadra Parks to return to Real Housewives of Atlanta? Well we hear her return may be in the works. We hear that Pheadra filmed a few scenes with the ladies as a “friend of the show” however, producers like what the say and decided to promote her back to an official housewife. However we hear that Pheadra would have to agree to less money.

On June 30th Kandi Burruss was live and when asked if Phony Phae Phae was coming back she stated no, not that she know of, however things could have changed. I’m pretty sure Phaedra is aware of the rumor and she sparked them even more with the below video where she has a drink with a peach in it. See below and you be the judge: