Police Called On Joseline Hernandez After Stevie J Claims She Assualted Him At An Atlanta Restaurant

Just when we thought Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were doing a good job at co-parenting, news broke that Atlanta police were called out to Season 52 after Stevie J reportedly accused her of assaulting him.

According to TMZ.com, the story goes-

On May 10th, the police were called to Season 52 restaurant in Atlanta when a meeting between Bonnie Bella’s parents went left. According to police Stevie and Joseline met with their lawyers for a planned meeting however, Stevie reportedly cut the meeting short due to Joseline’s ‘hostile mood’. As Stevie got up to leave, he claims that Joseline flew into a rage and grabbed a bowl full of 6 to 8 very hot mushrooms and allegedly threw it at him prompting Stevie’s attorney to called the police.

When police arrived, the restaurant employees reported sided with Stevie claiming to witness the assault and adding that other patrons were scared. Police took the bowl that the mushrooms were in as evidence, however no arrest were made.

We hear Stevie is requesting that the courts order an anger management and psychological evaluation for Joseline.

Stevie nor Joseline have commented on this event as of yet. We will keep you posted on the gossip as it unfolds.


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