Pusha T Reveals Drake’s Good Friend And Producer Leaked The Information About Drakes Son And Adidas Deal

It be your own people… Pusha T recently revealed that Drake’s good friend/producer -40 is the source behind the information that was leaked on ‘The Story of Adidon’ diss track.

After months of speculations, Pusha sat down with The Joe Budden Podcast Crew to set the record straight and clear Kanye West’s name after Drake continues to accuse him of leaking the information used to expose him.

“The information came from 40. It didn’t come from Kanye. At all.

40 is sleeping with a woman, he talks to her daily, five, six hours a day,…Provides opportunities for her. And ultimately speaks to her about how he’s disgruntled about notoriety and things involving Drake and his career, so on and so forth. With that also came the fact that Drake has a child. With that also came the trip that everybody took to go see the child and bring him gifts. All of this information. She divulged this information. That’s where it came from”

Pusha explained the Adidon line that Drake was working on with Adidas was real and the young woman also provided that information.

Pusha admits that he is unsure why Kanye is apologizing being that he did nothing wrong. He explained that Kanye May have intentially planed all the good music released around Drakes due date, however Pusha is unapologetic if that’s the case stating “You don’t own the month of June”.

Can someone say loose lips sinks ship!?

The gag is all Pusha had to do was visit the Gossip Twins, we been told y’all About Drake’s baby months  before ‘The story of Adidon’ was released.