Exclusive:Real Housewives Of ATL’s Apollo Nida Does Not Thinks He Is The Father Of Dylan Nida

The Gossip Twins learned that Real Housewives of ATL’s Apollo is skeptical about being the father of his wife’s Pheadra second child Dylan. 

Heres what we know:

A creditable source revealed that a conversation between Apollo and Pheadra recently took place, during the conversation Apollo began to get upset with Pheadra when he learned that a psychiatrist was visiting their oldest son Ayden’s school and asking questions about Apollo. We are told when Apollo was asked did he care to speak with his other son Dylan he responded by saying “For what that’s not my son, that’s the African dude son” referring to Mr. chocolate- an unidentified man from Africa that Apollo accused Pheadra of having an affair with and sending text messages to last season on the show.


Now we are not sure if Apollo was speaking out of anger becuase the conversation was heated, however, we were also told Pheadra remained very calm in the situation, which make us believe this may not be the first time Apollo has made this accusations.

We went back and listened to an old interview where Apollo admits that he has a closer bond with Ayden, but figured it was due to Ayden being older than Dylan.

Something tells us this isn’t the last time we will be hearing about this. Just remember when it hits the fan, you heard it here first.