Reunited: Nicki Minaj, Drake And Lil Wayne

It looks like the gang is back together. Young Money CEO, Lil Wayne and his two mega stars Drake and Nicki Minaj were recently hanging out together. 

‘The Big Three’ of Young Money haven’t been seen all together for quit sometime.

Nicki Minaj ex rapper Meek Mill did not help the situation as he and Nicki’s label mate Drake had one of the most talked about rap beefs a few years back. At the time Nicki stayed quiet, however, she was never seen in the same place as Drake, nor released any tracks featuring eachother.

After Nicki Minaj posted the below photo to her Instagram account: Social media couldn’t help themselves by captioning the picture with a line Drake threw out at Meek on his hit song ‘Back to Back’ where he says: “I don’t wanna hear about this ever again, not even when she tell em we better as friends” it looks like Drake spoke that one into existence.

Nicki is set to drop her fourth album soon, do you think there will be a Nicki and Drake hit that make the album?

I guess we will have to wait and see.