Rick Ross Being Sued For Allegedly Stealing “Maybach Music” Tagline

It looks like ‘The Biggest Boss” Rick Ross has found himself in the middle of a lawsuit with rapper young Muhammad. Ishaq R. Muhammad who goes by Young Muhammad claims that Rozay was featured on his 2007 “Caprice Music” track. The rapper claims that Rick Ross says the phrase multiple times on his track and that’s where Ross got the idea for the “Maybach Music” tagline that he has been using ever since.

Ross Released “Maybach Music” in 2008 and launched his Maybach Music Group (MMG) in 2009 where the catchphrase has been used ever since, the tricky part is Muhammad claims he trademarked “Caprice Music” back in 2006.

Muhammad claims that he threatened to sue Rozay back in September 2017. TMZ.com broke the story that Muhamad claimed to sue Ross for intellectual property theft. The rapper has now followed up with his suit and also named Roc Nation in the case as well.

Muhammad is suing for $9,999 so the case will go to small claims court.

Listen to the snippet of the 2007 “Caprice Music” below: