Safaree On The Verge Of Being Sued By VH1/Viacom For Not Showing Up To The Taping Of Love And Hip Hop Reunion

Safaree Samuels star of Vh1 Love and Hip Hop NY was a no show to the reunion taping. Sources close the situation tells TMZ that Safaree was fully committed to showing up to reunion as of last Friday but Monday came and Safaree was a no show.

Safaree told producers of the Vh1 show that he wasn’t in attendance because he had concerns of safety and mental health issues. Viacom, the parent company of Vh1 assured Safaree that they would beef up security to endure his safety and he still didn’t show. Which pissed the bosses off.

The higher ups at Viacom threatened Safaree if he didn’t show up to the shows taping he could be liable for substantial damages. Safaree’s Management says they told their client he needed to fulfill his contractual commitments with the network but it was ultimately up to Safaree to show up.

Vh1/Viacom sent Safaree a letter telling him if he doesn’t fulfill his commitment then they would band him from appearing on any other TV shows while he’s under contract.

Whew sounds like Safaree has got him self in some hot water with Vh1 and Viacom.

Story still developing…