Secret Gossip: New Blind Item Suggest A Couple That Attended The VMA’s Are No Longer Together And Faking For Publicity

The VMA’s aired yesterday and it looks like tea was spilled in regards to one of the couple that attended. 

According to a “Blind Item” published on, a couple has been broken up for months and is faking their relationship for publicity including their recent appearance at the MTV VMA’s.

The story goes:

“It’s always interesting to see how couples interact at the VMAs… but did you know that one of these couples is a big fat lie?

They were fronting. They broke up months ago. They don’t live together and they don’t even hook up. He’s moved on, but if he can get some music sales or publicity out of pretending they’re still a couple, he’s down with that.

The fact that she is keeping up appearances by claiming that they live together and that she wants to get pregnant next year by him makes all of this especially odd. Unless there’s a big payday in it for him?”

Who do you think it could be?

In the meantime… Alexa… play Fake Love by Drake.