Stevie J May Have To Do Jail Time For Unpaid Back Child Support

Stevie J star of star of Vh1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and Leave it to Stevie might have to turn him self into police custody over unpaid back child support.

The U.S Attorney Southern District of Ny, tells TMZ that Stevie has to turn his self into court April 10, for failure to pay child support. Stevie owes 1.3 million dollars in back child support and is also introuble for outting his probation offer on instagram.

In Feburary 2017 Stevie plead guilty to failure to pay back child support. He excepted full responsibility and was ordered to pay $1,304,835.86. Stevie was also put on probation for 3 years.

Stevie took to his twitter page to deny these allegations so to speak, however he did show up in court today with his children by his side. Once we get more information to this story we will update the story.