Tamar Braxton Opens Up About Being Fired From ‘The Real’ On Steve Harvey In The Morning (Video)

Last week the day time talk show ‘The Real’ Announced that Tamar Braxton will not be returning next season

Originally we received a statement from the real stating that the decision was mutual between the talk show and Tamar however, as days went on speculations and accusations came out that’s contradicted that statement.

Tamar who has stayed quiet about the news for the most part have sat down with Steve Harvey in the Morning to give her side of the story. In addition, she will be shedding some light on the situation on tonight’s episode of Braxton family value.

Tamar answered the question that had us all scratching our heads which was how was she able to get a reaction to being fired on her reality show. She explained she found out on her way to shoot a scene for the Braxton’s family value and the camara just so happened to be rolling. Production was able to edit this footage into the show.

During the interview Steve Harvey also confirmed the information we previously reported: Tamar will bring getting her own talk show, that will be produce thought Steve Harvey’s production company.

Congrats to Tamar!

See the full interview below: