Tamar Braxton revealed she was molested as a child

Tamar Braxton was a guest on the Wendy Williams Show, where she reveals she was molested as a child. 

The youngest Braxton appeared on Wendy Williams Show discuss her family’s recent visit with life coach Iylana Vanzant. They went to Iylana to fix their family issues, while there Tamar reportedly stormed off for reasons unknown.

Wendy asked Tamar why did she run off during the session with Iyanla and that’s when Tamar reveals she was molested as a child. Tamar told Wendy she was molested by members on both sides of her family. The audience and Wendy were stunned by the news.

It’s not known if the family session with Iylana triggered old memory’s or Tamar just felt comfortable with Wendy to reveal such shocking allegations.

While at Wendy Tamar tells the talk show host that she has been dating some one for a few months and talks about her relationship with estranged husband Vincent Herbert.

This highly anticipated episode will air Thursday.