Things Get Heated Between Joe Budden And Migos During BET Awards Pre-Show Interview

BET Awards weekend is wrapping up and it looks like the drama is just getting started. At least with the rap group Migos and a couple of their peers.Social media lit up after rumors started stating Chris Brown and the Migos got into a fight. While researching we discovered that not only was their drama with Chris Brown after the show, but prior to the actual award show there was a small misunderstanding between Migos and Joe Budden. Here’s what we know:

Migos- Who performed and was a recipient of ‘Best Group’ award participated in a short interview with Complex ‘Everyday Struggle’ crew Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks and Nadeska during the preshow. The interview took a turn for the worst after Akademiks asked the question we all have been wondering regarding Migo’s member TakeOff not having a verse on the groups hit song Bad and Boujee.

Takeoff responded by saying he was not left off Bad and Boujee, and basically insinuating that he is still reaping the benefits of the hit song. Akademiks went on to attempt damage control as he begin to backtrack on the running joke that the morning show host have had for quite some time. The backtracking caused Joe to walk off the interview dropping his mic. This gesture was not taken too well with the rap group causing them to get defensive and have causing a standoff. (See the below video)

We assume everything was squashed after Akademiks posted the below to his snap chat account and Joe Budden’s assistant confirms no fight between Buddens and Migos happened.

Akademiks wrote:

“Protect akademiks. I’m straight. Lil situation happen but we good. I wasn’t involved 4 once”


Joe’s assistant at complex them went on to confirm that the incident with Joe and Migos did not result in any altercation stating:

I can confirm the Migos did NOT beat up Joe Budden. However, they interviewed them and things got heated. Complex cameras have it all.

We are happy to hear that no one was hurt in this situation.


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