Tracy Chapman Reportedly Suing Nicki Minaj

Singer Tracy Chapman has recently filed a lawsuit against rapper Nicki Minaj for releasing a song titled ‘Sorry’ that sampled Tracy’s song ‘Baby Can I Hold You’.

You may recall Nicki informed her fans that she may have to delay her album to allow more time to clear a sample for a song that she had with another rapper that she claimed was ‘spilling all the tea’. Nicki later came back to her twitter account to let her fans know Tracy did not allow Nicki to use the song stating “Sis said no”

Come to find out the rapper was Nas and the song was ‘Sorry’. The song never made Nicki’s Queen album, however, the song was featured as part of DJ Funk Flex set during Queen radio in August 2018.

Fast foward to today…

TMZ reports that Tracy is now suing Nicki, stating Nicki and her camp sent over multiple request to sample the song in July 2018 which she declined. For that reason alone, the singer is upset that Nicki went on to play the song on her platform, which spreaded all over the internet after.

Tracy is now filing a claim prohibiting Nicki from using the song, in addition to asking for damages in an undisclosed amount of money.