Trouble In Paradise? Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill

Is it over for Omeeka? Nicki Minaj and her rapper boo Meek Mill have the internet debating after posting subliminals to their accounts.

Meek Mill posted a meme of Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpurt admiring their relationship and the good time that they share as a couple. See photo and caption below.


Meek then posted a second photo of him and his dad, however the tea is in the caption where he speaks about nobody helping him get to where he is today.


The post could have been taken in a way that Meek was speaking from a general prospective about industry people who he felt have turned their back on him along the road to his success. It wasn’t until Nicki posted the below post that the puzzle pieces started to fit together.


Meek Mill commented under Nicki post where he responded by saying:

“That’s why I make sure I stand on my own, and was M’d up when I met you”

Nicki then responded by saying :

“You blessed up”

Now here is the thing: fans are claiming the couple’s post were subliminals towards Nicki’s ex of 12 years Safaree Samuels; after he posted a caption addressing the naysayers. See post below:


Although the subliminals to safaree are a possibility, this is why we are not buying it:

Nicki Minaj have recently deleted her recent videos of herself and Meek off her Instagram page. The videos where put up displaying the rap couple vibing to Meek’s new track featuring Nicki ‘you know’ off his new mixtape DC4. Prior to the Mixtape dropping, the two had not been publically seen or interacting with eachother on social media despite both rappers updating with new post for close to one month See below:


Nicki has also been seen out on many occasions without her diamond ring that Meek gifted her. The last time we can see that she had it on was mid September according to her social media page.


If our intuition aka ‘twintuition’ is right, we hope these two can get it together because we actually like them as a couple.