TV Gossip: Who Is Porsha Williams New Man?

The season of Real Housewives are filming and Porsha Williams have been seen around town with a new man- Dennis McKinley.If you follow our social media page, you may recall when we posted Porsha and her new man walking out of a jewelry store this past weekend. After posting the new couple on our feed, our inbox poured over with tea about Porsha’s new boo. Chile get into it below:

The people say:

“Dennis is well known in Atlanta, he Owns two establishments in Atlanta- ‘Cru lounge’ and ‘DayDreams’. He owned a hair company which he has now sold, he allegedly slept with SOME of his employees which is why he is always hiring and is known for having a boil on his ass and he has a little peen”

We hear that he was previously involved with Keenyah Hill from Cycle America’s Next Top Model Cycle 4. (see picture below)

If Dennis name sounds familiar it may be from the 2015 exclusive article that published, where he was named in a hair company Lawsuit involving Toya Wrights hairline ‘Toya Wrights Hair Collection’. According to the site, the Co-Founder of Queen Virgin Remy Shanise Thompson accused Dennis who was her business partner at the time of breaching his contract and profits from twelve different stores, including Toya’s On-line sales. According to the court documents Thompson filed, Dennis made himself the sole member of all the hair franchise’s including Toya’s and she had yet to see a dime.

Despite Dennis past Porsha seems to be all smiles while she with him. We assume some if not all of this tea will be spilled on the upcoming season as it always is.

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