Victor Cruz fiancé does his sidechicks a favor

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz may need some explaining to do after his Fiancé Elaina Watley took it upon herself to bring his sidechicks together. Click continue to see how she did it. 

It seems that Victor is living up to the typical stereotype of an athlete and cannot manage to be faithful in a room for of hoes. Media Take Out has stumbled across an screenshot of a text message allegedly sent from Victors Fiancé Elaina.


With the fact that Victor and Elaina are high school sweethearts and share a 3-year old daughter together, we can only assume the sidechicks already know her positions, however Elaina pulled a page out of  her “Petty Betty” book and decided to let the sidechicks know what they all had in common.


Victor has yet to addressed this situation publically and we doubt he will. We are not sure how authentic the screenshot is, if it is indeed real do you agree with her approach?